Types of Trust

When you hear of Trust and Types of Trust what comes to your mind? first you try to understand it from the common meaning of Trust that we have in our society and then you try to relate it to wealthy individuals, persons with high net worth. But it’s often not the case, Below we […]

Who Needs Estate Plan and what are Its Tools

Who needs Estate Plan? Everyone, yes, the simple answer is EVERYONE. Why? because every human being living has some wealth and legacy which they can preserve and transfer to the next generation. Be it personal effects, savings, pension funds, insurance, etc. Estate planning is not just for “retired” people or people who have built some […]

What Is Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning? Estate Planning is the preparation of a plan to carry out an individual’s wishes as to the management, administration, transfer, and disposal of the individual’s property, assets during the lifetime of a person and/or after death. #EstatePlanning also covers the management of personal affairs in the event of incapacity. Simply put, […]