STL Trustees Limited

Who We Are

Who We Are


STL Trustees Limited has been in business for over two (2) decades. The company is licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission as Trustees and Funds/Portfolio Managers with transactional experience spanning various key sectors of the economy.

STL Trustees is one of the top three Trust Companies in Nigeria and has over the past two decades, built an outstanding track record and pedigree as a capital market operator and more significantly as a player in the trusteeship industry in particular.

Our mission is to simplify and provide customized trust solutions that create lasting value for our stakeholders. At STL Trustees, we thoroughly evaluate our client’s specific needs and create customized Trust solutions to fulfil those needs.

We develop personal and long-term relationships with our clients with a view to understanding their needs and providing them with unparalleled service.

As part of its Public Trust and Corporate Trust services, STL acts as Trustees to Corporate Bond Issues, FGN-backed Bonds and State Bond Issues. We also act as Trustees to Collective Investment Schemes (including REITs), Debenture Trusts under Consortium Finance/Syndicated Lending or Project Finance as well as Structured Finance transactions and Real Estate Trusts. In these transactions, STL holds security in trust on behalf of stakeholders over a wide range of Financial Assets, monitors compliance with specific obligations of both the Borrower and the Fund providers, monitors obligations of Issuers and protects the interest of the Investors to a Bond Issue or Fund (as the case may be), amongst other roles.

For Private Trusts, our services are designed to help individuals make adequate plans for their future and the future of their loved ones and also to achieve their estate planning objectives under a Trust structure. The estate planning tools commonly used are Wills and Living Trusts. We also offer Nominee Services and Funds/Portfolio Management to individuals as well as corporate clients.

For Funds and Portfolio Management, we manage our clients’ assets with a view to optimizing returns on their investments in line with their respective risk appetites. Our investment outlets include various asset classes such as Treasury Bills, Bonds and other Debt Instruments, Fixed Deposits and other Money Market instruments and Equities of various Blue-chip companies and real estate.

Whereas we provide trusteeship services to various sectors and segments, our footprints in Bond Trusteeship and Real Estate Trusteeship are significant and noteworthy. This is epitomized by our participation in almost all the Sovereign-Backed and Sub-National Bond issuances that have been issued in the Nigerian Capital market in the last decade as well as our active participation in various landmark Real Estate developments.

STL Trustees is managed by a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise and experience in all areas relevant to our functions. Our people employ their skills to implement creative, innovative and strategic solutions to meet the challenges of today’s business environment. Also, our Board of Directors comprises of proven professionals with backgrounds in Finance, Law, Investment Banking, Oil and Gas and the Public Sector. We have a strong risk management system and incorporate best practices in our corporate governance structures. The deployment of our cutting edge technology systems also ensures that the needs of our clients are met promptly and efficiently.

At STL Trustees, we shall continue to be guided by our core business principles of ethics, professionalism, integrity and collaborative teamwork in providing excellent services to our clients.

Mission Vision

We provide the following services:

Debenture Trusts (Consortium/Syndicated lending), Bond Trusteeship (Government & Corporate), Trust of Collective Investment Schemes/REITs, Real Estate Trusts, Endowments/Foundations, Estate Planning, Nominee Services, Funds/Portfolio Management And Related Advisory Services.

To simplify and market customized Trust solutions that create lasting value for our stakeholders


To be the Trust company most recognized for its competence, reach and client-focus

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Innovation

Harnessing our professionalism and wealth of experience in providing personalised Trust Services to suit the divergent needs of our esteemed customers


At STL, we appreciate the dynamism of our social-economic environment, hence our business philosophy is designed towards ensuring that your survival and financial well-being as an entity and individual are not threatened by unforeseen occurrences.

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